Tracy Larson

  • Tracy Larson

    Business Street Smarts:

    How Sales Intelligence

    Can Transform Your Business

    Wednesday, Jan. 22 (2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.)

    This seminar will review the use of sales CRM software to provide real time sales intelligence to enable proactive business decisions for executives, sales managers and sales people. To provide “real-life” scenarios, case studies from three companies will be presented from three perspectives:

    • Owner/Executive Manager
    • Sales Manager
    • Sales Person

    Find out how to use sales data, gathered throughout the sales process, to proactively create operational strategies; marketing and sales plans working for the overall business strategy; proactively track and manage sales prospecting; enhance customer interactions; evaluate market, product and customer trends; and analyze and use reporting data all for the purpose of using sales intelligence to transform the way business is done today.

    About Tracy Larson

    Tracy Larson loves working with people and loves “sales”! She has made it her business, as a partner and President at WeSuite, to develop sales software tools that dramatically improve the sales process from contact to contract. An industry veteran for twenty years, Ms. Larson has held senior management positions at Corporate 1,000 companies including Vice President of Real Estate and Facility Management, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of Key Accounts and President, at companies such as: Sprint Communications, Computer Associates, Antar-Com and Diebold. Since 2008, her focus has been in working with WeSuite clients to improve their sales process and sales intelligence through the use of sales software for the growth and prosperity of their sales teams and their business. Tracy holds a BS from Cornell University.

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